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The Art of Small Talk_ Using The Customers Name

One of the quickest ways to connect with a customer is to use their name.

If your customer tells you their name, make sure you repeat it straight away. Saying the name out loud ingrains it in your subconscious, then look for a couple of opportunities to work their name into the conversation over the ensuing few minutes, taking care not to overuse it. If someone has an unusual name or you perhaps weren't able to understand it when the customer was introduced, I ask them to repeat it.

“I missed your name, can you repeat it for me please?” but if you still can't understand it, ask them to spell it for you as having them repeated a third time may frustrate or anger the customer.

And if having noted their name, you later forget it, you might be able to discreetly ask a third party. If you can't remember their name and there’s no third party to ask, simply be honest with the customer.

If the customer hasn't told you their name, some simple detective work on your part might reveal it. Perhaps it's written on a ticket, on luggage, tag, or on their credit card. There is a myriad of places you might find this valuable piece of information.

One thing's for certain you'll have a better chance of discovering their name if you're at work and making an active effort rather than operating on autopilot.

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