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Man Shares The Cost of His Recently Built House, Revealing The Avoidable Mistakes When Building


Engineer Makori has revealed the cost of recently built bungalow in upcountry. According to the report shared through social media platforms, the cost of two bedroom house in Kenya is between Kshs 300000 to 1million depending on the location.

"Here is the cost of building one bedroom house in Kenya, constricting a one bedroom house in Kenya cost 300000 to 700000 shillings depending on factors like materials and location." Man reveals.

Remember that to build a new house, you first have to buy land, cost of land depends on different locations in the country, the building materials and the cost of labour.

According to Engineer Makori the site shall determine how much the foundation shall cost. In case of red soil, it shall be cheaper since it doesn't have to be moved, however in case of black soil, it has to be done away, to reach the rock. If the location of your site is interior then the cost will be high.

Your house design. The design of the house you intend to build shall also affect the cost of the house. For instance if you shall go for a simple modern house, therefore it will be be relatively cheap compared to a traditional detailed house.

The type of material you should use on the house shall determine the total cost of your house. Materials that perform the same function can differ in price according to quality and sophistication, the higher the quality the costlier the material. Locally available materials shall save you from the extra amount for transport and lower the cost. In case you are planning to use bulk materials, importing shall be your best option since it's cheaper. Ensure that you are present when buying the materials.

The cost of fittings such as mirrors, lights, wardrobes and so on varies in cost depending on the quality and design you go for. High end fittings shall be costlier buy good looking and long lasting. The total shall also depend on whether you are planning to hire an interior designer or not. Professional interior design is costly and can really hike your total cost.

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