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Are You Disturbed With Frequent Power Blackouts? Use This Efficient Way To Make Your House Luminous

Lighting the house is a very key thing in every household in Kenya today. The difference only comes in with the type of lighting source that is employed. That is either, electricity, solar panels, candles, lanturn lamps or natural light.

Natural light in a home is always better than artificial light like electricity. This is because, there is always frequent blackouts with electricity thereby seizing many programs.

Natural light bathes your room in a rich full spectrum hue that light bulbs can only hope to duplicate and it increases your body to feel good and increase serotonin levels. Best of all, natural light will not come due at the end of the month with the power bill. It's free.

To achieve the best way to light your home using natural light, paint the roof eaves or soffits white.

This will ensure total reflection of external light into you house for effective luminous lighting of the various rooms. Even if your house exterior is painted in a different colour, you can as well paint only the eaves which is the primary surface of reflection towards the house. The amount of reflection is mostly affected by the tilt or angle of the eaves to the house.

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