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7 Signs you may have a higher intelligent quotient (IQ) than average.

IQ is the short form of intelligence quotient. It is the a measure of a person's reasoning ability. In short it is supposed to gauge how well someone can use information and logic to answer questions and make predictions. Human beings have different rates of IQ.(Some have low, average while others have higher rate of IQ.

Mentioned below is a list of traits observed in people with a higher than average IQ.

1. You’re A Private Person

Whether it stems from a need to focus on your own thoughts or anxiety takes a toll on you, people with higher than average IQ tend to avoid socializing . While the need and benefits of social interaction are known to all, people with high IQ are like wallflowers; they often blossom in their own company, against all odds.

2. You Fret A Lot

Intelligent people are scarred by their own unfettered imagination. They cannot float through life without a plan, instead they are compulsive planners, which invariably leads to anxiety. Even the converse holds true, several researches done on people with anxiety revealed a high intelligence quotient. Your level of self-awareness makes you sense a change in your environment before anyone else does.

3. You May Be Suffering From A Mental Illness

Genius often comes at a cost. The romantic era saw a depiction of the tortured genius plagued by polarized thoughts. This does not mean that anyone who is diagnosed with a mental illness is intelligent, it is just that research done on children demonstrating a high IQ has been linked with the risk of developing bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety later in life.

4. An Alternate Approach To Reality

People with high IQ are swayed by logic alone. They are not governed by traditional approaches to life, they constantly cultivate new ideas and find proof to buttress them. They shake the society every time it tends to lean towards complacency. Their personal goals are often tied closely to the growth of the society they inhabit.

5. You Are Vulnerable

You tend to give people benefit of doubt and thus are often taken to be naïve. Your vulnerability is key to your creativity and well-being. Trusting people guarantees your own piece of mind, thus you do not exercise an unhealthy amount of cynicism.

6. You’re Comfortable With Profanity

You speak your mind, you talk about things as they are, no euphemisms. This stems from your unending desire to reflect the problems in the society thereby pushing it towards change. Intelligent people see profanity as a necessary form of expression. Their slurs are often wedged between solid arguments.

7. You’re A Nocturnal Creature

You struggle with the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ habit. You tend to stay up way past your bedtime, devoting that extra time to introspection or creative pursuits. You might feel that sleep is a waste of time. But beware, lack of sleep can, in fact, hamper cognitive functioning and cause long-term health.

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