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From Showering to Making a Bed: Things a Kenyan Man Has a Hard Time Doing

A Kenyan man is a good man. Don’t let a disgraced woman tell you otherwise. However there are things that we still find hard doing and you’ll have to bear with us please:


How on earth do you take a bath daily as a man? Kwani unanyesha? A man should shower utmost thrice a week. It’s in the male lifestyle constitution. Actually the recommended number of bathes is three times a week. Google that! Why would you go against a dermatologist proposal. To be honest, showering is a luxury activity for most men.

2.Making the bed

This is one of the things that annoys a woman the most. Leaving the bed like a tilled land. Si kupenda kwetu aki. It’s in the least section of a man’s list of preference. Not unless it brings an orgasm or money, most men don’t really care about it. This is mostly a bachelors’ undoing.

3.Doing laundry

As a man, you need to summon the African gods to give you the strength to do laundry. The reason why we wanna marry. Nothing kills a man’s morale like a laundry basket gazing at him waiting to be worked on.

4. Bargaining

Wanaume hatupendi kuchoma picha! We bargain for bigger things in life like purchasing property or a car not petty things like foodstuff. It’s no wonder most traders love men as their potential buyers. They easily make a killing. The problem with men is that they even don’t have a price estimate for the things they are purchasing. We go with what we are been told. Forgive us!

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