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8 Cool Interior Designs Tricks To Transform Your House

Accent wall

There are lots of ways to make your room look cheering and colorful, it is not necessary to use different paints on every wall. You can paint one wall or decorate it with wood.

Transparent furniture

Everyone would love his or her house to look unique and classic. It is not all about buying complicated furniture with different colors; you can just look for transparent furniture as they create illusion of extra space and also add light to your room.

DIY ordinary furniture into designer pieces

Here the idea is to think out of the box, you have to transform some few furniture to make them even look more attractive. For example a table like this, you will need so wood and a paint. This makes the simplest furniture look great

Mirror frames as window

Almost every house has a mirror, if you have large mirror like this you can have it famed nicely or buy the one which is beautifully framed according to your taste and hang it as shown. Not only do they help visually create more space but they also make a room lighter

Different chairs

Most of us have that mentality of having identical chair, it is very okay incase of living room but in places like at the dining table, and this mentality is old fashioned and a boring way to follow. The idea here is bringing different chairs but same design making sure that they all work together like

Room divider

This is an excellent method of diving your room or space into several cozy areas. Dividers do not need to be built from scratch as you can just use the storage cabinet with open shelves

Hanging bed

If you love nature and may be some alone time relaxing in your house or in the back yard, you can install a bed like this where you can be relaxing at your free time. You just need to come up with a way to hang the bed.


Plants bring life and make a home look natural, they make a room look cheerful and improve the microclimate in a room. You just have to purchase plants of your choice and place them and different corner in your house

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