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Why You Should Never Reveal Your Next Move in Life

Life is like a game of chess and to win, you have to make a move. There are many moves possible but each move you make determines your next move. We have all been tempted at some point in our lives to announce our next actions, be it the plan about starting a business, getting a new house, telling our co-workers about our plans to quit the job, notifying your friends about the new hot girl in town you want to bang. But the question really is: Are the ones you are apprising really care? There is a 98 percent chance they do not. Some will even go a mile to make sure your plans flop. And what about the new hot girl you kept fantasizing about? Under no circumstance should you be surprised to hear through the walls that your friend approached her and they are already hitting it off. In conclusion, revealing the things you want to do always reduces the chances of you completing them, it gives you the false sense of completion making you even lazier.

Remember “A fish with a closed mouth never gets caught” - Tony Accardo. Learn to keep things to yourself since it will give you ample time through this ocean we call life. As long as the appropriate people know what you are doing, never worry about the rest. After all, you will be surprised how fast people move on when you die.The game of chess is won by those who first determine their own next move, make their own moves and are able to make their own rules. So snap out of it, do something for yourself and do something that matters

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