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Tricks To Make Your Gas Cylinder Last Longer

Each household needs to save and use cooking gas efficiently due to increasing prices. The high prices have made the usage of gas and the reduction of family spending hard for low-income families.

Don't cook too much 

You should know while preparing food and shut off the gas burner when the food is cooked. The best way to do this is to place a callback on your phone or clock and save a callback to turn off the gas by kitchen times. 

Water measurement

Use water moderately, whatever food you make. We often use excessive water, and even if the water is about to evaporate we have to keep the meal on the burner longer. 

Use lid

Probably the easiest approach to save LPG is to save time when cooking. The cooking process is amplified by covering food with a lid. 

Keep Clean all the Cooking Utilities.

Dirt and oil can make you utilize more gas significantly. Make sure the base is clean every time you put the utensil on a burner. 

See Leakage Check 

Be sure that you verify that the gas cylinder leaks, saving you money on the purchase of gas often. The escaping gas can potentially grow and erupt and may be harmful.

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