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These are the important things in life

In today's digital world, most of us are thrown by social status, materialistic items and luxuries. We are constantly shown that the image of perfection is on Instagram images and reality tv shows.

However this list narrows down to the ones that really matter.

1. Your good health

This is the number one reason for your happiness. It's the single most important part of our existence.

Having said that, it's very important to be sobber and aware of what you body consumes. Take caution and eat nutritious foods, the ones that help you grow.

2. Family

Sometimes you may get annoyed by your family but always remember, they're your unit and so they are the ones you will turn to in times of happiness or sorrow.

The love of your family member is unconditional and so don't take them for granted. Always appreciate their prescence.

3. Friends

Just like family, friends are a vital part of creating happiness. Always value their intervention especially the ones that come in when your things are tight.

Get genuine friends and keep them because soon after, you're gonna need each other.

4. Love

There is something that is certain here, everyone wants to be loved. And for that to happen, you have to love back also. It's 2 way traffic.

Love is the epicenter of every aspect of life. Love doesn't revolve around just having a lover but also family. Love them uniquely and abundantly.

5. Purpose

Having purpose is fundamental in living a fulfilling life. Without it, you have no motivation to accomplish anything in life including getting out of bed.

Not having purpose actually makes us more vulnerable to boredom, anxiety and depression. Most of the successful people had drive that's why they made it.

6. Education

This, like Nelson Mandela said, is the most important engine in life.

Education is what will secure you a future. More importantly, education will promise growth in this world because things like invention will depend on that.

7. Time

Always have the ability to value time because that's how you will understand how valuable that moment is.

This will be the trigger for your aggressive hardwork as you realize that time is moving. Again when you realize how valuable time is, you'll form good habits. Always be conscious that you are never growing younger.

Do you agree? Beware of what you purpose on.

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