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How To Be An Extrovert And Increase Your Social Circle.

1. Set small goals. Decide on a certain amount of social activity that seems acceptable to you, and then work up from there.

2. Find a hobby that requires other people. Do anything at all that you enjoy, and then join others who like doing it as well.

3. Study extroverts. They will model you on how to be more social. Find out what they do to make themselves more social than you do.

4. Join a club.  It doesn’t matter what kind of club, but just join whatever kind that interests you.

5. Practice talking to strangers. This might be terrifying for some people. However, what you should know is that most people are nice.

6. Visualize. Just visualize yourself being social and enjoying it, and then eventually, it will become your real life.

7. Don't turn down social activities. Sometimes, if you get asked by other people to socialize, don't turn down their invitations.

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