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Take A Look At The Approved Technique Of Growing Healthy Sukuma Wiki

Preparation of the Gunia farm

Fill a 50 kg gunia (gunny bag) halfway with dirt, and if you have manure, mix it in as well. When the gunia is around 30- 45 cm full, cut the bottom off a container (you can use a 2kg tin commonly known as gorogoro) and put it in the centre of the gunia, open on both sides. Fill it with small pebbles (you can use the ' kokoto' used in construction) and top it off with soil; gently remove the tin, leaving the stones in the centre. Congratulations, you' ve built your own makeshift farm; repeat for as many gunias as you' d like.


Since sukuma wiki and spinach belong to the same family, they require similar growing conditions, take the same amount of time to mature, and are attacked by the same pests. Seeds of sukuma and spinach must be cultivated for four weeks in a nursery before being transplanted to the garden.

You can make a nursery out of a tub (20- litre jerrican cut in half), or you can use the top of your gunia, which now has a circular patch of stones surrounded by dirt. Create shallow trenches 15 cm apart with a stick. You' ll have the effect of drawing circles around the stone patch.

Using a watering can that spreads water in a shower, thinly spread your seeds, fill the trenches with dirt, cover with grass, and water.

If you have more space, build a raised bed of soil that is one metre wide and as long as the number of seedlings you want.

Mix dry manure into the soil and create ridges half an inch deep and 15 centimetres apart by dragging a stick or your finger over the soil. Spread the seeds thinly and loosely cover with dirt, then cover with grass and water the bed/container.

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