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Tips On What Makes Some People Look Cheerful Even When Things Are Not Good

How do you feel when you do something you enjoy most? A thing that cools you down gets your heartbeat to kind of pause for a minute, like a bungee jump for instance. Do you even ever wonder what makes some people look ever happy and cheerful even when this is not the case? Well, maybe you too can learn to be happy in style. I wonder whether talents, hobbies, and ambitions are responsible for such happiness. And can nature teach too? I understood geography and biology better since I had a chance to learn more from what I saw rather than what I read from books back in high school. But what is nature?

Well, one Saturday afternoon, I decided to isolate myself from my classmates and went behind the library that was built close to a riverbank. The serine atmosphere caught much of my attention. The cool breeze, the flowing waters, the chirping of birds, and the swaying of tree branches gave me company that afternoon. Beautiful is the only adjective I can use to describe my former High school.  

At the foot of Nyambene Hills in Meru County, lies the beautiful Kangeta Girls' - Adjacent to River Nkinyang'a and surrounded by amazing volcano features. It is at this place that my bond with nature began. During weekends, and some afternoons I would take my nature walks with a small notebook. I was not even sure why I had to carry a notebook but well, I just did. I would put down different plant species for example trees and their botanical names and anything else that was worth noting down. Afterward, I would describe my feeling at the end. At some point, I even didn't understand what I was doing but enjoyed these indescribable feelings. This is what got me into an adventurous life that is always full of fun and new experiences touring. Nevertheless, I cannot get enough of this nature. I'm still curious! Is nature a feeling?


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