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Reasons Why We Place Our Beds Next to a Wall and Not The Center of The Room

Why do people put their bed against the wall and not in the center of the room?

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People like to have a walking space that is a minimum of about 3 inches (1 meter) wide. If you make it less that that, it begins to get cramped. You can go with less than that, but it’s just not as comfortable.

Here is a bedroom that is relatively small. It has a bed in the center of the room. There is minimal walking space on each end and 3 inches to 4 inches on either side. There isn’t room for any other furniture, because it would make the path around the bed very tight.

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Below is the same bedroom with a bed against the wall. By simply putting the head of the bed against the wall, now you have room to have a nightstand, two end tables, and an armoire or dresser yet there is still a bit over 3 inches on either side of the bed and the end. The head of the bed doesn’t really matter, because you can still easily make the bed with access to three sides.

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Finally, below is a bed against two walls. In this scenario, there is room for the bed, a dresser, a nightstand, and a space in the middle where a child could play.

Basically, that was a complex way to just say that putting a bed in the very center of a room takes up tremendous amounts of room when compared to having it against the wall.

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The need for space is a really logical explanation.

However, I would like to highlight a factor that is often overlooked as it does not necessarily come from a logical side.

Sense of security.

People have subconscious feelings and instincts when it comes to everyday life. It plays a more or less significant role in every single decision you make during your day.

Deciding where to place your bed is no different.

While sleeping, we are possibly in one of our most vulnerable situations. We don't just go to sleep anywhere we feel sleepy, we always make sure we are in a safe, secure, warm, comfortable place (most likely a place we call home).

Therefore, apart from being space-effective, we tend to prefer to position our nighttime restplace in the most convenient place possible.

Some of us prefer to sleep close to the wall, others prefer sleeping on the edge of the bed. It really depends on each personality too, but the point is, when putting the bed against the wall, even in the corner, this factor is far from being negligible.

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