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3 Helpful Tips For Boating Safety

Statistics from weather forecasts in the country shows that Kilifi and its environs is experiencing high rates of temperature-averagely 30 degrees Celsius. This means that majority of people (families and friends) spend their good time at the River, Lakes and even Oceans. So, due to the dangers that may arise from these water bodies, it’s advisable to take precautions before you involve in any boating activity.

1.Avoid taking any kind of substance such as alcohol, kuberi, miraa and tobacco, because the chances of drowning or dying in a boat accident are very high when you are under the influence of these drugs.

2.Always wear a life jacket or any other floating device that is right for your weight. For the jacket to be effective, it should fit properly and easily seen from far.

3.Acquaint yourself with the basic water rescue skills so that incase of an accident you will probably know how to respond without endangering yourself and other people who are around you.

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