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5 Mind-Boggling Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning is essential to creating a healthy lifestyle and a good hygiene but some items or places can be hard to clean. This article will focus on the kitchen and bathroom since they require special attention because they are known to be the germiest places in any house.

Here are amazing cleaning hacks that you might now know about:

Burnt Pan

For the upper burnt side of a pan, you can place few chopped lemon/lime pieces on the pan, add vinegar, and baking soda. As the mixture sizzles, bring it to boil for 10 mins and let it cool. The stains should come off with the boiled mixture.

As for the lower burnt side of a pan, pour baking soda on that surface and place a paper towel on top. Then pour vinegar on the paper and the sizzling will do the magic. NO MORE SCRUBBING!

Stained Chopping Board

For stained plastic cutting board, add baking soda, and pour vinegar. Afterwards, start scrubbing the mixture with lemon on the stained spot, and the stains will gradually start to fade away.

As for the stained wooden board, add salt to the spot, scrub the salt with half a lemon/lime, and the stain will disappear.

Descaling Shower Heads

Pour vinegar in a plastic bag/a zip-lock bag, tie it around the shower head, and let it soak for one hour. The gung will eventually come out. This method also works in sink faucets too.

Dirty Shower Glassdoor

Fill up a spray bottle with vinegar, spray the glass door evenly, and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Throw some baking soda in the sprayed sections. Afterwards, cut a lemon in half, add salt onto the lemon, and scrub the shower glass with the lemon. Wipe off the scrubbed mixture and the glass will be crystal clear.

Unclogged Sink

For an unclogged sink that is filled with water, use a plunger to unclog, and the water will be drained down the sink.

For an unclogged drains with no water, sprinkle baking soda onto the sink opening, pour vinegar, and let it sit for ten minutes. Afterwards, add hot water onto the sink, and the drains will be fixed.

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