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25 green color scheme kitchen designs for your dream home

Green has been a favourite color for many people, it's all over our environment and it's seen as a medium between blue and yellow.

Green has thousands of shades and hues that allow interior designers to experiment with when making homes.

It evokes emotions and it's the color of growth and is associated with refreshment, peace, rest and security.

The shades and hues of green include lime, chartreuse, mint, Indian, dark moss and hunter green to name but a few.

They can bring relaxation, excitement and a peaceful feeling to people and when infused into the decor can create a tasteful vibe into the home.

Kitchens are a great way of showcasing the color green and incorporate it into the walls, cabinets and chairs or some items such as cups and plates.

Green and a combination of other colors is a great way to decorate and bring more beauty into the home. Some of these pictures show how one can use or paint colors to bring life into the home. Enjoy.

Lime green or chartreuse green can be used on walls to light up the kitchen.

Furniture added in the kitchen like hunter green chairs can be placed next to the kitchen island that acts as a dinner table.

Some green cabinets can be combined with glass covers for drawers.

Green theme kitchen can have a backyard window overlooking a tree outside and match the interior.

Green scheme goes a long way with a metallic lining bringing class and a clean cut look into the kitchen.

Hand crafted cabinets and counter tops can be used to add a vintage beauty in the kitchen.

Green floral patterns can be added also.

Use of same colored kitchen appliances can be designed in line with the green color scheme.

A black scheme kitchen can use green countertops.

Four or five shades of green can be used to design different levels in the kitchen holding space and shelves.

Green combined with brown wood can bring warmth into the kitchen.

Green utensils can be included for the overall design.

Graphic flowers or picture designs can also be used.

Lighting the underside of the kitchen furniture can help light up the kitchen and add ethereal beauty into the home.

An L- Shaped kitchen design can have inbuilt spaces for appliances and the edges painted to the desired green color.

Different shades of green can be used with yellow colors as they are next to each other on the color wheel.

One wall of the kitchen can be designed and painted green and use green hued tiles for the kitchen.

White cabinets can have green handles and the color scattered around the kitchen.

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