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Ever Wondered Why Some Oranges Don't Have Seeds? Here Is How They Are Grown

There are very different types of fruits in the world and most of us haven't had a taste of over 70% of them. But of the few you have come across, I guess you have studied them and realized that sometimes they have some unique features.

One thing that usually surprises many people are the fruits that lack seeds. How do they grow them if they don't have their seeds? Many people ask themselves this question and I too used to worry over the same. In this article, I will give you an explanation and I hope it will help answer your question.

Seedless version of fruits are usually produced as a result of grafting. Grafting is where two different fruit plants are joined to produce a hybrid fruit. For example, a lemon tree can be grafted onto an orange plant and the fruit that results from the combination will automatically be seedless. This is because none of the plants combined is dominant over the other as their genes are equally shared in the fruit.

Grafting is done when the fruit plants are young. The stem of one plant is cut and the upper section removed and replaced with another but of a different fruit plant. This is a process done by experts and takes some time to be effective. That is why seedless fruits are expensive as compared to other fruits.

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