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How to Build a 3 Bedroom House With Less Than a million Kenyan Shillings.

Building a house in kenya is easier said than done. This is because it is not easy to put up a permanent structure which most of the people are opting for nowadays. The following are some tips to guide you construct a three bedroom house cheaply.

Simplify your homes design.

This should be the sixth sense for anyone looking to construct cheaply. A simple design is easy to put up and maintain compared to a complex one. Another reason for opting for a easy design is because you spend less days constructing hence spending less money on workers.

Buy materials at a discount.

You should have knowledge of building materials and where to purchase them at a discounted price.Purchasing building materials at a lowered price will help you spend less when constructing.

Hire an experienced home builder.

You should always hire experienced contractors when looking to build anything. Workers with experience would put up a permanent structure at the same time using less time therefore making you use little money.

Choose building materials wisely.

To avoid being duped you should search and locate places with genuine buliding materials. A structure constructed with fake materials will surely necessitate replacements thus making you spend more.

Be the supervisor.

If you want your house to be build according to your plan then you should become a general supervisor. With this you will also get to know how the building materials are being used and the rate workers are doing their work.

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