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Offenses That can Ruin Your Certificate of Good Conduct

It has become almost compulsory this days to have a Certicate of Good conduct. A good conduct Certificate is needed when you are applying for government jobs, in order to obtain visas for some countries and applying for tenders. It shows whether you have a criminal record and in the case that you have a criminal record, it bears the offense you were convicted for and the results of the case.

If you had a case in court and you were convicted for the same, it will reflect in your good conduct. The records for people who have served time are kept for 20 years. After that, they are expunged or erased.

This means that you will have to wait for 20 years to have that dream job in a government institution. 

A certificate of a person with a criminal record.

But in the case you were acquitted by the Court or you appealed successfully against the case, the same is expunged from the records and your good conduct can come out clean. 

But for offenses such as Robbery and Robbery with Violence, drug related cases, treason, rape, defilement, incest and murder such records are not expunged. This means that this remains in your records for good. One can log into the E-Citizen and into the Directorate of Criminal Investigation to obtain their good conduct. It costs Kshs.1050.

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