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Meet Ernie Chambers: The Man Who Sued God To Court And His Reasons

A man named “Ernie Chambers” did something that shocked the world. What did he do? Ernie chambers sued God to court.

Ernie chambers reasons why he sued God to court is because his tried of God roles as the cause of widespread death, terrorization, destruction is too much for the earth to carry on, so he decided to sue God for a legal injunction.

He sued God for floods, hurricanes, widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions of people living on earth. He filed with God and was seeking an injunction for all these wrongdoings upon mankind. 

The judge of the case as of then dismissed the suit because God can’t be properly served, and there is no listed home address of God written by Ernie Chambers.

Chambers quoted: anyone can sue anyone they choose, even God.

Chambers indicated that he tried to alert God of the impending lawsuit by shouting, “Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

He, however, did not get the Almighty’s attention.

In my opinion, I don’t know the reasons why Ernie chamber will get so upset and angry and even show it by suing God to court

“Ernie” from my research shows he is not the first man on earth to sue God, the supernatural being. Many have done the same thing before, but his suit made the headlines more than anyone else.

Here Are Names Of People Who Have Sued God. 

Betty Penrose.

Pavel M.

Chandan Kumar Singh.

Each of them had their own specified reasons why they sued God. So, back the readers, do you think they are doing the right thing? Drop your opinions.

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