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"Mnyonge Hana Chake" Kenyans angered by this court ruling.

The judicial justice system in Kenya has always been considered biased especially toward the rich and the poor. Their decisions on judgements and rulings have always been seen to favour the rich. Two cases this week were heard and the rulings were made which angered Kenyans.

One case involved a couple who were caught with bhang worth 3.1 million Kenya shillings and we're sentenced in prison for life. The ruling which was made in Meru was considered to be harsh for first time offenders.

The other case involved a business man Mukuria Ngamau who had embezzled more than 180 million Kenya shilling through fraudulent means. The business man was only fined 700 million or serve just 27 years in jail.

With this two rulings Kenyans shared their reactions online. They termed the ruling on the business man on 27 years in jail as small. On the other hand the life imprisonment of the couple was too harsh and irrelevant.

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