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Man Crys For Justice After His Privates Were Ripped Off By a Buffalo

A man from the Halugho area, Ijara Sub-County is demanding justice after a buffalo attacked and ripped off his manhood.

The 54-year-old man was attacked by the animal, on Wednesday morning, while herding his goats.

It is said that upon coming in contact with him, the wild animal charged and attacked him ripping off his genitalia.

Following the incident, the victim is now asking Kenya Wildlife Service to compensate him for the injuries caused by the buffalo.

As he recuperates at the Garissa County Referral Hospital, KWS, through their human-wildlife conflict affairs officer, Grace Nzale, said that they will investigate the incident and react appropriately.

The incident comes two days after a 26-year-old man from the same area was also attacked by two hippos.

The human wild life conflict seemsto be getting worse with so many cases of people being mauled by these animals reported.

KWS has however been assuring kenyans of compensation if they encounter such incidents.


Bett.. This creature is a beast. If you see just run for your dear life. But one Lion anaangusha hii beast. But there is someone in the Bible who killed a Lion with his hands, and that person called Samson was Killed by the woman. What am trying to say is upon you.

Kod... This was human buffalo not wild animal,he was sent by his master

Denis ... Even Buffalo's are so wicked like this?ooh No,ameamua tu ngo'a kitu ya maana hivyo

Kelvin... How did it located them? Were they hanging out therr??? Ooh i just hate my mind

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