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Monthly Salaries Of A Lawyer, Advocate, Chief Justice, Judge And Other Legal Officers In Kenya

A lawyer is one who is trained and licensed to prepare, manage and either prosecute or defend a court action as an agent of another person. They are also entitled to give legal advice on court matters.

On the other hand, a Chief Justice is the head of judiciary as well as the President of the Supreme Court in Kenya.

Basically, legal carrier is one of the best paying carriers in Kenya. For instance, the monthly earnings of a Chief Justice (CJ) ranges between Ksh 990,000 to 1,300,000. An Administrative Law Judge earns Ksh 396,000 per month while a Magistrate Judge earns a basic salary of Ksh 452,000 every month.

Other Legal Officers earns their monthly salaries according to the scheme below;

Arbitrator Ksh 179,000

Associate Attorney Ksh 197,000

Attorney Ksh 294,000

Bailiff Ksh 92,500

Barrister Ksh 77,700

Candidate Attorney Ksh 173,000

Conciliator Ksh 150,000

Contracts Manager Ksh 163,000

Contracts Negotiator Ksh 140,000

Conveyancing Secretary Ksh 83,200

Corporate Counsel Ksh 226,000

Counsel Ksh 218,000

Court Clerk Ksh 66,000

Court Judicial Assistant Ksh 111,000

Court Liaison Specialist Ksh 130,000

Court Reporter Ksh 112,000

Court Representative Ksh 91,000

Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer Ksh 411,000

Immigration Executive Ksh 206,000

In House Counsel Ksh 214,000

Intellectual Property Specialist Ksh 146,000

Judge Advocate Ksh 321,000

Law Clerk Ksh 69,300

Lawyer Ksh 304,000

Legal Administrative Assistant Ksh 81,700

Legal Advisor Ksh 174,000

Legal Assistant Ksh 79,900

Legal Associate Ksh 135,000

Legal Consultant Ksh 176,000

Legal Counsel Ksh 226,000

Legal Editor Ksh 145,000

Legal Executive Ksh 275,000

Legal Executive Secretary Ksh 78,500

Legal IP Officer Ksh 70,400

Legal Officer Ksh 94,000

Legal Services Director Ksh 346,000

Legal Services Manager Ksh 357,000

Legal Support Worker Ksh 57,200

Legislative Liaison Ksh 138,000

Litigation Attorney Ksh 358,000

Litigation Paralegal Ksh 178,000

Paralegal Ksh 115,000

Patent Attorney Ksh 220,000

Staff Attorney Ksh 243,000

Click on the link below to read more on the basic salary that lawyers, advocates, judges and chief justice always enjoy in line of duty.

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