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Divorce Affair

Man Charged For Injuring Wife's Lover Alleges That His Wife Mentioned His Name While In The "Act"

Along Shanzu road area in Westlands Nairobi, man named Baraza was badly bruised. According to Nairobi news, Luti (the attacker) did not stay in his house often. This was because he had to attend daily tasks for income raising. On this fateful day, Luti arrived home to visit his wife. During night time while doing the "act" with his wife, Luti got shocked when she mentioned Baraza's name. He got angry and everything had to stop with immediate effect. Luti suspected the wife cheated on him with Baraza. Luti planned on how he could attack Baraza. During the day he hit Baraza hard on his head injuring him badly.It had to be a police case. He was taken to Kibera police station where case started with immediate effect. The court however has not given the verdict concerning Luti's case. He is still being held at Kibera police post. My opinion is, let's learn to be faithful in marriages. Stop making others suffer for our mistakes.

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