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Mama Samia Suluhu the Real Epitome of Cultural Feminism

Cultural feminism refers to a philosophy that men and women have different approaches to the world around them, and that greater value should be placed on the way women approach the world. In some cases, cultural feminism argues that a woman's way of looking at the world is actually superior to men. This perspective aims to unite all women, regardless of ethnicity, race, class or age. Cultural feminism argues that, the essence of being a woman is what makes women special and different compared to men, according to this view. This female essence includes a greater emphasis on cooperation, relationships and peace, also referred to as an ethic of care. Cultural feminism emphasizes essential differences between men and women in terms of biology, personality and behaviour. Women are seen to have different and superior virtues that provide the foundation for a shared identity, solidarity and sisterhood. Since by nature women are viewed as kinder and gentler than men, it follows that if women were in power, the world would be a better place. Mama Samia Suluhu in her short stint as the President of Tanzania is a true testament to this Theory. Her leadership is quite different. She has granted Media freedom, considered friendship and cordial relationship among East Africa Community states. She is a wife and a mother. She chooses not to be confrontational but to be culturally a woman of substance

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Samia Suluhu


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