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Is the government using LGBTQ discussion to distract citizens from the real issues?

Nairobi county senetor Edwin Sifun claims that the on going discussions on the LGBTQ ruling by the supreme court is a tactic used by the government to distract the people from the real issues affecting the country. According to him, the government is yet to address the issue on high cost of living and therefore came up with LGBTQ discussion to have Kenyans forget about the issue for a while.

In an interview in the Citizen TV's Day break show, Sifuna said that the issue was a total distraction and that it was meant to move the focus of the nation from the kitchen where people were unable to feed their families to the bedroom.

"It is absolutely ridiculous but I understand the people who need distraction because conversations on cost of living and energy are difficult to have," he said.

According to him, LGBTQ discussion has no concequece since the court only granted them the freedom of association as per the constitution. He says that the rulling has been misunderstood by many Kenyans who are now talking about it even though it will have little impact on the ruling. He went on to explain that the court did not give them the right to marry but rather freedom of association which everybody has.

"Everybody has a right to freedom of association, which includes the right to join, form or participate in activities of association of any kind"

The law maker sees the administration as a hypocritical one because according to him, while protesting against the Supreme court decision, they were told that that was the highest court in Kenya and that the matter was over.

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