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'See Why Judges Break The Nib Of Their Pen After Committing A Person To Death Sentence

Read below;

Judges all over the world have followed the tradition of breaking the nib of a pen when passing a death sentence since the beginning of legal courts. Do you know why they do it, though?

There are several reasons why judges all around the world resort to this step after passing a judgment.

Here's why it's done this way in courtrooms;

The act of breaking the nib is symbolic. It is done so that the pen that was used to sign the person's life away will never be used again.

In essence, a death sentence is the last option action for dealing with very anti-social behaviors that cannot be handled in other ways.

In order to get rid of the tainted pen, the nib is shattered (having ordered the death of an individual). The sitting judge performs this act in order to distance himself or herself from the decision and the associated guilt.

Judges typically do not have the authority to withdraw a ruling once it has been drafted and signed. As a result, the nib is also destroyed, causing the judge to pass a sentence without hesitation.

Breaking the pen used to carry out a death sentence is a terribly sad and terrible act, yet it is sometimes required, and it communicates the feeling.

Had you ever seen a judge breaking their pen before?

Do you think a person should sentenced to death no matter the crime rather than life imprisonment?

Do you think committing a person to a death sentence is against God's wishes?

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