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Bodaboda Man Drives His Female Passenger Into a Bush, Forcefully Slept with her Before Being Caught

John Muiruri, a bodaboda rider in Laikipia county has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars after he tricked his female passenger into a dark bush and forcefully slept with her without her consent. The rider took advantage of the darkness and easily satisfied himself with the the 57-year-old woman.

The bodaboda rider is said to have committed the act on the night of 28th June 2015 when the woman boarded his motor to be driven home because of the darkness. While on the way, the man took a different direction from the one that he was supposed to follow, he then headed to a darker thicket where he stopped and dragged the woman into the bush.

He then removed part of her clothes, these allowed him to easily accomplish his mission. He then tied her hands that made the woman cooperate with him. Unfortunately, the man's satisfaction session was cut short when a group of locals overheard what was taking place and invaded the place unexpectedly before he could finish.

The man was then forced to sit beside the woman whose panties were removed and biker torn, he was later given a thorough discipline by the members of the public before being handed over to the police officers who took the right protocols to arrest him.

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