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Justice Odunga Delivers Another Shocker Ruling

Justice George Odunga has delivered another surprise and shocker ruling on matters public funds and private entities. Odunga has made it clear some of private firms that are receiving public money must be audited by the office of the auditor General to ascertain of the money is used for public good or not.

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Justice Odunga was ruling on a matter that was taken to him by Okiya Omtatah on matters the Agricultural Show of Kenya receiving public funds yet it's a private entity. It's for this reason that Odunga made it clear it can receive money for the reason that it performs duties of public interest but such monies must be accounted for.

Justice Odunga is however clear it's not possible for the government to release public funds to private entities and refuse to audit the same. He is clear in his ruling all funds that get into the private entities fro public coffers must be audited for the interest of the public.

The ruling comes as a shocker as it's clear most private firms have been receiving funds from the government without proper auditing. The fact that funds must be audited therefore confirms of the change of fortunes and the interest of Kenyans are fully taken care of especially by our courts.

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