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The Shortest Jail Term In History That Lasted Only 1 Minute. This Is What The Victim Did

The world is always full of surprising things and each day a new one arises. We know that when a person commits a crime and is taken before a jury, the punishment is either a fine or jail imprisonment. There is however one jail imprisonment that surprised the world. It has since then been known to be the shortest jail term ever.

Joe Munch was the victim and he was imprisoned for just one minute. Many people who witnessed the jury give the sentence took it as a joke. Munch himself was confused and didn't realize what was happening. Immediately he was released he went away with fear that the judge might change his mind and give him a heavy punishment.

The judge did this to teach him a lesson and not to punish him. Munch had been arraigned in court after he drunk and became disorderly. He was a soldier and at the time of his arrest was on leave. The sentence caused a lot of merriment in the court house.

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