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Five Groups of People You Should Never Try to Fight Within Nairobi CBD

Whether they are wrong or not, please try to avoid problems with these groups of people within Nairobi CBD or just anywhere in Kenya. One of the worst mistakes you can ever do is to fight them, you'll regret it forever;

1. Hawkers

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make within the CBD is to begin a fight with a hawker. If you are a hawker, then it's okay, you'll sort out yourselves, but if you are a stranger, never try because all hawkers around you at that time will gang up against you.

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2. Sex Workers

Sex workers on the lower streets of Nairobi CBD are very notorious for fueling confrontations. You'll be walking along River Road then immediately they pull you. Never try to engage them in any way or you'll regret it. They always have all manner of insults and obviously very ready for physical tussles.

3. Street Families

Their fights are always very violent, so whatever they do, please try to avoid them unless it requires police attention. The worst you can ever do is to engage them in a physical fight. They'll use anything they find around to defend themselves.

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4. Kanjos

These people are rough, if in any case you fall in their hands please don't try to fight them. I think they are trained for exactly that.

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5. Matatu Operators

Whatever the case is, please try to do it peacefully or report to the police. The moment you begin fighting one of these operators, all of them will rise against you. And this group has all manner of people.

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Anyway, it's good to try diplomacy, physicality should be the last solution to a conflict. Thank you for reading

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