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Court to Decide if Mwai Kibaki's Remains Will be Exhumed For DNA Tests to be Done

Kenyans have been left taking after two persons went to court claiming to be Mwai Kibaki's biological children. The two persons are Mr Jacob Ocholla and miss JNL. The two are claiming that they are Mwai Kibaki's first and second children who were born sixty year ago before Kibaki got married to Lucy Kibaki.

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence purpose only.

Mr Jacob Ocholla is currently 62 years ago while Miss JNL is 61 years old. The two are claiming to be Mwai Kibaki's first and second children. All they want is to be acknowledged as Mwai Kibaki's biological children and for them to inherit their fathers wealth.

Photo courtesy, image of Mwai Kibaki at burial.

Justice Eric Ogola will now have to rule whether the late Mwai Kibaki's body will be exhumed for DNA test to be made for it's the only way to determine whether the two are really part of Mwai Kibaki's family. Please share your thoughts on this matter on the comments section below. Please do like, comment and share.

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