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A Family In Mogogosiek Ward In Bomet County Is Crying For Justice Over The Damage Caused By Storm

The family and residents of Mogogosiek village in Mogogosiek ward in Konoin constituency in Bomet county has come out and cry for justice to prevail over the damages that has been caused by the storm water.

According to one of the family member Mr.Tonny Kirwa who hinted through his official facebook account said that,the family has really lost a lot as the results of the running water which runs from different areas that includes;Big 5, various parts of Mogogosiek shopping centre among other places.

Mr.Kirwa said that,the family has tried all they could to get help from the government of Bomet but their efforts has not yield any fruits yet.

Kirwa further revealed that,he personally handed over the booklet to Bomet governor Dr.Hillary Barchok,the booklet which contains all the damages caused by the storm water.

"On 15th of June 2020,on behalf of the family,I handed a booklet documenting the damages and the loses occasioned by the storm water to Dr.Hillary Barchok," part of his post reads.

The remorseful whistleblower further revealed that,the Bomet boss had promised by then to send the county engineer to access the situation and find the long lasting solution.

The affected family through their representative paid a visit to the office of Dr.Hillary Barchok on 22nd of February 2021 to find the progress of solving the said issue unfortunately they didn't meet him.

"On 22nd of February 2021 was to meet governor but failed, however we were attended by the deputy governor H.E Shadrack Rotich," Kirwa posted.

According to the hopeful youthful leader,the storm water have created hugu Gulley's that have led to the loss of animal lives,crops destruction, destruction of structures among other damages.

The family and residents through Mr.Kirwa are calling upon the county government of Bomet to intervene and provide the lasting solution for the betterment of the family and the entire neighborhood.

It is now the matter of wait and see if the county government of Bomet is going to safe the family from the agony they are in or not.

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