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'Kumbe Wanalipwa Mingi Hivi' See Salary of Court of Appeal Judges Plus Allowances

Most people have seen several judges fighting to be at the court of appeal judges. However today we will look at the salary of court of appeal Judges who are paid fairly well when you add salary and allowances together for they earn more than a million.

A judge of the court of appeal earns a basic salary of Ksh 757,770 as well an allowance of 324,758 monthly. Total earnings per month for the Court of appeal judges totals to 1,082,528 net net salary per month for every judge. This clearly is a lot but you should also understand there are other incomes mainly on per diem and so on. This makes our judges as some of the highly paid public servants in the country.

Judges are paid well so that they can be impartial and independent when it comes to their judgements. Remember the Supreme Court judges are the highest paid in the country in terms of judges in the country. Apart from their salary judges have also a security of tenure hence removing them from office cannot be easy as they must be investigated by a tribunal guest before. If you didn't know this now you know but it's a fact it's only good for judges to be paid well so that they can achieve their work efficiently.

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Court Kumbe Wanalipwa Mingi Hivi' See Salary Supreme Court


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