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"Am Asking For 10 Days" Cherera's Lawyer Asks For More Time For Cherera To Do This

Cherera, has left Kenyans talking on different social media platforms. This is after she asked for more time to respond to petition seeking her removal.

According to her lawyer, the minimum that any person is allowed to respond to a petition is 14 days where by, he said that:

Now, this news concerning Cherera asking for more time to respond to petition seeking her removal, has gone viral on different social media platforms where by, it's sparking mixed reactions currently.

Many are out to say that Cherera should not be given more time as she wants while, others are out saying that Cherera is waiting for Raila's demonstrations and that why she is asking for more days at the same time.

Anyway, do you think Cherera should be given more days to respond a to petition seeking her removal according to you? Make me know through the comments section below. Share your opinion as you share this news to your friends.

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