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A Security Guard Finally Smiles After Court Awarded Him Ksh 171k Following His Unfair Dismissal

A security guard has won a Ksh 171,000 suit after his work contract was unfairly ended for inquisitive with regards to the washrooms at his new work station.

A report by K24 TV on Tuesday, September 14, shown that the security guard identified as Johnson Otsieno Ogola was contracted by Hatari Security Guards and allocated to an estate.

He was recruited to cover the night duty yet his boss never showed him the washrooms he would utilize while at work. Days after he started his new position, Ogola is said to have enquired about the latrines when he claimed that his boss reported him to the management of his agency as being discourteous.

The safety officer was additionally blamed for appearing for work intoxicated.

As per court documents, the managers of his organization called him before later ending his contract, in a move the security guard named as unreasonable.

"He was called by his boss in the main office where he was informed that he was impolite to the client and he been reporting to work while intoxicated. Therefore, he was fired.

"It is his contention that no notification to end his contract was given to him preceding his termination nor was a disciplinary hearing led," contended Ogola's lawyer.At that point, Ogola was earning Ksh9,000 pay each month. The incident happened in September 2016.

Ogola's lawyer further claimed that while under his contract, Ogola frequently stayed at work past 40 hours yet his company was at this point to offer him a house allowance.

In his decision, Judge B Manani directed that Ogola be granted the cash for unfair dismissal. Some of the cash was directed to his house allowance.

Ogola noticed that he sought for the services of a lawyer after his company refuted his claims.

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