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Emotions High As Video Of A Man Crying Helplessly With His Sick Dad At Nairobi West Hospital Emerges

Kenyans Have reacted Emotionally to a video shared by blogger Gerald Bitok. The video shows a young man emotionally protesting against inhumanity by the Nairobi west hospital staff, The man has his father in their private hospital, the father is seriously sick but they have been kept waiting, instead, they are being told the father is already dead.

The man confirms that the father is still alive and he has warmth but no one cares to attend to him, the father is still at the entrance, the man uncountably cries as he exchanges with a doctor who is still giving promises instead of acting immediately.

The young man wants the message to reach all Kenyans. Our hospitals have been on the spot for not caring even when one is in critical condition, despite paying huge amounts of money in the hospitals, doctors sometimes watch patients die without taking any action, this attitude has been protested against by Kenyans. Video:

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