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Top Kenyans Who Attended Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi Meeting Yesterday

Yesterday Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi had a virtual Space meeting on Twitter were he discussed the High Court verdict on BBI. The forum was attended by some of the most influential leaders in the country.

Below are some of the key figures who graced the event:

1. Terryann Chebet

Chebet was the unofficial moderator of the discussion. She gracefully guided the two hour conversation. When Ahmednasir said he was not techno savvy and that it was his first time using Space, Chebet duly guided him. At one time she told him to remove Droid (a Twitter influencer) to accommodate another person. Droid instantly trended as his fellow KOT trolled him for not being able to take part in the discussion.

2. Nelson Havi

The LSK President was one of the first people to log into the space. He was also the first speaker to give his views on Ahmednasir submission. Ahmednasir had previously profoundly thanked him for his court petition terming it one of his best works in the legal career.

3. Anne Kiguta

Anne Kiguta though came late was given space twice to ask questions and give her views. It seems there was connection issue because Ahmednasir could not hear her the third time.

4. Aden Duale

Aden Duale was also given a chance to speak twice. He asked Ahmednasir if the supreme court was bound to hear the petition and why the government could go straight to the supreme court bypassing court of appeal. Being a constitutional matter, Ahmednasir said that Supreme Court rightly so could hear the petition. He also said that the government can bypass Court of appeal if they feel they can get favourable judgement from supreme court.

5. Oliver Mathenge

Oliver Mathenge thanked Ahmednasir for the session and bemoaned how the BBI process did not truly involve common mwananchi.

6. Mohammed Wehliye

The Saudi based top economist was among the people who had connection problems yesterday. At first he was not audible but later he got a chance to make an input. Majorly he wanted to know if the Supreme Court has to disagree with all the 21 issues raised by the High Court so that BBI can go through. He also wanted to know why the Attorney General was acting as president's lawyer. Ahmednasir said the Supreme Court will give a collective judgement on the issue. About the AG, the senior counsel said he was acting as government's lawyer but not the president's lawyer.

Sakaja Johnson and Silas Jakakimba were given chance to speak but said they were comfortable just listening. Abraham Mutai and James Smart also did not ask questions when given the chance. Other people who logged in at one time during the discussion include among the following Robert Alai, Dennis Itumbi and Kipchumba Murkomen.

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