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ICC: Twist as Details Reveal What Awaits Witnesses in Lawyer Paul Gicheru's Case at the ICC

Lawyer Paul Gicheru's case has taken a new twist after details emerged revealing what awaits witnesses at the International Criminal Court. This is after details cite that it will be hard for the Hague based criminal court to follow witnesses who cannot speak in English or Swahili. This was indicated by both the prosecution and defense at the ICC.

The registry at the ICC says that it will be impossible to get translation for other languages. The witnesses are expected to testify in Kiswahili or English. The ICC Registry says that it will only provide translation to these two Kenya's national languages. However details cited that it will be difficult for the International Criminal Court to provide translation for other languages spoken in Kenya.

More details reveals what awaits the witnesses in lawyer Paul Gicheru's case. According to reports, the International Criminal Court will provide protection to the witnesses. However, they will be protected as per the level of risk reported to the court registry.

Some of the protection that the witnesses will be offered including being shifted from the country together with their families.

Lawyer Paul Gicheru who is facing charges for allegedly interfering with the witnesses in DP Ruto's case is expected to attend the status conference which is set for 24th September. The lawyer was granted request by Judge Miatta Maria Samba to attend the conference virtually.

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