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Parade protest


Bobi wine wrote a protest letter to NBStv to express his dissapointment with the NBS journalists

"my journey with NBStv is over,I will never be hosted or interviewed again by NBS journalists, it's a mafia television".Says Bobi wine.

The former NUP party former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu hints that NBStv had a hand in the vote alteration plan they had organised in unison with the deep state . Bobi wine blasts the NBStv for what he termed as conspiracy to defeat the will of Ugandans,"@nbstv was at hand to assist the dictatorship relay cooked figures".says Bobi wine.

In his letter to next media services chief executive officer kin Karisa , Bobi wine said NBS made biased election day reporting against him.He says during its line of coverage of the 14 January,2021 election,the media house attributed to him false results, more so from unrecognised sources which did not match with the relevant declaration of results forms.

At the height of the most fraudulent election in our country nations history,after the regime locked out credible election observers and cut off the internet,after the regime came out and said that no one except the electoral commission had the authority to release the election results,NBS was at the forefront to assist the dictator in commiting the most vile crime against the innocent people of uganda.Ugandans and the world are certainly watching.

Ugandans have therefore chose to wage a war at NBS TV over fake provision results from NBSTV tally center.

Bobi wine therefore called on Ugandans to use non-violent legal means to remove Museveni.

"This is an insult to all Ugandans who have fought for freedom.we reject these fake results and we refuse to accept Museveni as the winner".Bobi wine says.

Resisting against tyranny in Uganda is now our duty.we must rise peacefully.We are non-violent group.studies show that non-violent revolutions have been more effective and able to end dictatorship.He added.

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