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Raila Cries Out, Reveals What He's Being Forced To Do Ahead of Mass Action

Ruto's strategic plan to use the much-touted opposition mass action rallies to weaken and isolate Raila is meeting with great success. With government approval, protesters in Raila's strongholds of Nyanza, Western and Coast have mobilized to send a clear message. Although Ruto insists these protests remain peaceful, the effect is clear: Raila's hold on the region is slipping and internal fighting and suspicion is taking hold in the opposition.

Not content to sit back and watch his plan take effect, Ruto has gone even further by roping in members of the international and diplomatic community and religious groups to put pressure on Raila to drop the mass action. Raila has acknowledged the growing pressure, with sources close to him saying he was facing increasing pressure to compromise with the government's agenda.

It's evident that Ruto's plan has gained traction and is moving in the right direction. Will this pressure be enough to convince Raila to abandon the protests? Time will tell, but one thing is certain: Ruto is well on his way to achieving his goal.

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