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Funeral Fundraising Ought be Made Illegal; City Lawyer Says

Funeral fundraising in the country is an obvious trend, but what keep people wondering is that even the rich who own multi million properties also seek for money from the public to bury their kins.

The rich in the especially the politicians have even been requesting their poor constituents to help them raise some money to settle the hospital bills and even give a decent send off to their loved ones.

However, according to the flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir, it is not logical for the Rich families exploit the poor in order to bury their kin yet the vice versa has never happened.

The lawyer also questioned how much it really costs to bury someone. He says that purchasing a coffin and digging a six foot grave can be catered for by the sons, uncle's, daughters and even the in-laws of the dead. He says that the funeral fundraising out be made illegal.

"When the rich families ask the public for money to bury their kin, who will bury the poor? How much really is needed to bury? Can't the sons, daughters, nieces, uncle's, and in-laws buy a coffin and dig a six foot grave? Funeral fundraising ought be made illegal," he tweeted.

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