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PLO Lumumba Unleashes Never Heard Before Legal Jargons as He Reacts to BBI Appeal

Eloquent constitutional lawyer Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba whose mastery of the queen's language has always left his admirers biting their lips in awe and lust has yet again a risen to the occasion with bombastic legal terminologies as he reacted to the BBI appeal that is by all reasons destined to failure.

The revered academician who never shies away from using the unique and big words, most of which the rest of us do not quite comprehend generally applauded the appellate court judges for upholding constitutionalism, but below are the exact words he used;

"I salute the Majority in the Kenyan Court of Appeal for affirming without equivocation that when egotism and megalomania mount a Trojan Horse and masquerade as patriotism they will be handed a jurisprudential coup de gracè".

Lumumba's complex reaction has further complicated the whole event which Kenyans had earlier on complained that it was dominated by a unique language form which they could not comprehend or do not have the capacity to, citing varying educational heights and professionalism.


Gichora Oresi: Kwani niko Kenya gani hii Kenya watu wamesoma vocabularies kweli kweli...

Friday Kashiwa: Professional, please give us another ordinary people and layman language and version.

Ken: Otherwise it sounds like we will concur with you.

Daudi: Prof... why are you so angry? please pardon me?! can't afford going back to school again.

Kiptoo Bor: The judges of court of appeal killed us with English but you have come instead of helping us understand even some few things, you came to finish us completely

David Jn Davie: I can say my English is rounded off to mother tongue

Levy Wambaya: Mr.try to explain your words please, am just pretending but nothing

Enoch: It could have been fair if the courts had interpretors, only few could understand the proceeding.

Content created and supplied by: Isaac_Adungo (via Opera News )

Gichora Oresi Kenya Lumumba PLO Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba


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