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How Kenya Bullied Somalia In Their Maritime Boarder Dispute

The relationship between Kenya and Somalia have been strained for a while now due to ongoing maritime dispute. Kenya, a major player in the restoration of peace in their neighboring country has been left with no option but to take drastic measures to ensure they don't lose a chunk of their coastline.

Kenya started these measures by firstly withdrawing from an ongoing case in the international court of arbitration. Kenya on the realization that their case is not strong enough as compared to Somalia, moved swiftly to withdraw from the case and thus provided grounds to dispute any verdict issued by the court.

Kenya then began creating diplomatic relations with Somaliland, an unrecognized state in which is seeking independence from Somalia. This move seemed to anger Somalia who then decided to cut all diplomatic relations with Kenya.

This did not last long as they later restored the relations but Kenya was unrelenting in its moves, they decided to suspend all flights to a d from Somalia allowing only humanitarian flights and United Nations chartered flights.

This inevitably provided the final blow to Somalia who made no moves to further escalate any dispute with their seemingly relentless neighbor.

Kenya on seeing that their bullying tactics worked, decided to restore all the flights to and from Somalia. The lift of the ban carried no restrictions with the only requirement being a negative Corona Virus test for adult passengers.

This announcement opens doors for the destination of full diplomatic ties between the two East African nations which may then pronounce an end to the maritime border dispute which has drawn the two nations apart.

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