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High Court: Being A Housewife Is A Payable Full-time Job

While presiding over matrimonial property disputes, the high court expounded and gave reasons why housewives should be paid.

according to, Justice Teresiah Matheka stated that it was unfair for courts to rule that housewives did not contribute anything to the financial progress of the family.

Justice Teresia Matheka

The judge explained that being a housewife is indeed a full-time job that should be payable. According to her, housewives provide services that should have otherwise have been outsourced and paid for.

She went on to explain that it was unfair to only rely on seen income and the mindset that one has to contribute money to the marriage to find value.

She went on to further add that the nine months a woman carries a baby in her womb should be taken into account by judges while presiding over family disputes.

She argued that carrying a pregnancy for nine months is work for surrogates who are paid a sizeable amount of money.

If I may be allowed to comment, I do not agree with the judge because you can't argue that because surrogates are paid to carry a pregnancy, a husband should also pay her wife. is that child not hers too? why should wives be paid for their own responsibility?

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Teresia Matheka Teresiah Matheka


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