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Divorce Affair

"Being a Housewife is a Payable Full-time Job" Court Declares

Justice Teresia Matheka was presiding over a family dispute where a couple had separated and the lady was demanding that the property should be sold and the money shared equally between her and the former husband.

The judge pointed out that it was unfair for the court to rule out that housewives contribute nothing to the financial development of the family.

According to her, being a housewife is the same as doing a full time job that is payable because people employ househelps to do it. She stated that house chores and taking care of children does not bring money in the family but it provides services that are otherwise delegated and paid for.

She said that it is not okay to rely on the fact that one has to contribute seen money to the family for them to be valuable.

Justice Matheka further suggested that in the case of divorce the spouse that takes the responsibility of taking care of children who are still minors should receive a bigger share of the matrimonial property.

She also noted that pregnancy should also be treated as work because some couples pay a sizeable amount of money for surrogates to carry their babies.

She concluded the case she was presiding over by saying that the matrimonial wealth should be sold and the money split equally or one party to take the whole property and pay the other an amount of money worth the half of the property value.

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Justice Matheka Teresia Matheka


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