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AG Kihara Files Appeal As Issue Of Who Represents Wanjiku's Interest In BBI Remain Shifty And Elusive

Attorney General Paul Kariuki Kihara has filed an injunction at the Court of Appeal for orders to stay last Thursday's ruling of the five-judge bench annulling the BBI process.

In his appeal, Kihara makes a plea that the higher court stays the May 13 ruling as its implementation will cause harm not only to the first respondent but to the "Kenyan people at large".

Interestingly the five-judge bench also ruled that only Wanjiku and Parliament reserves the right to inaugurate a popular initiative.

MCAs at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi on 16th May 2021 reading a statement in defense of Wanjiku.

At Serena Hotel a caucus allegedly representing MCAs from the 47 counties also issued a scathing statement on the 'irresponsible judges' and they too purportedly spoke for Wanjiku.

Loosely interpreted Wanjiku is the electorate and whoever coined the phrase should be writhing in his grave to think how much politicians have taken to its misapplication.

Wanjiku is the man or woman on the street.

Empirically and qualitatively Wanjiku has been at the heart of the current legal battle on whether the Thursday judgment by the five-bench judges was a case of the judiciary asserting its independence or merely veiled vendetta against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Some factions of Wanjiku were understandably excited. Revelers in Bomet County.

Image: Twitter.

There are Wanjikus who are very excited that the Kenyan Judiciary has come of age and it can wipe its nose spitefully at the Executive, should the need arise. This clique falls under the Tangatanga category and for reasons best known to themselves have demonized certain individuals for harboring the ambition to be Prime Minister and so on. They've successfully spun a tale that it is criminal for Wanjiku to get 35% Revenue Allocation because doing so amounts to a lie.

The monumental gains for Wanjiku in an arrangement that would dismantle the winner-take-all mentality responsible for post-election violence are lost on this clique.

The ODM Party leader Raila Amollo Odinga through his party is enjoined in the AG suit.

Then there's the other clique affiliated to the Handshake principals who have very little regard for the rule of law. Even with all the legal instruments at their disposal this group has gone ahead and made milestone decisions in total disregard to the Constitution to the extent of trying to emasculate it ostensibly on behalf of Wanjiku.

Despite the civil outcry, the president has persistently appointed military men to head-fledgling institutions. Major General Mohammed Badi (above) heads one of the president's flagship projects the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) while KMC is under control of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

This latter clique has been in office when the High Court decided that the Nairobi Metropolitan Services is an illegal entity. They looked the other way when the High Court ruled that the Kenya Defence Forces had no business running the Kenya Meat Commission in Athi River. They did not even blink an eye when a court ordered that the current Parliament be dissolved as it does not meet the two-thirds gender requirement.

For eight years in office President Uhuru Kenyatta has not been stopped by court orders including the one by Supreme Court in 2017 that nullified his election. It will be interesting to see now if a lower court can stop him from executing BBI.

Image: Courtesy of Reuters.

It is to this group that a five-judge bench and a group of discontented individuals believe the BBI has been dealt a death blow.

Methinks somebody is hallucinating. The Handshake clique has a penchant for disregarding legality and the tough hide of crocodiles and without preempting court processes somewhere along the line, I foresee, the much vaulted five-judge bench decision joining the litany of brilliant legal literature in our national archives.

Caricature of politicians playing Wanjiku.

Image: Courtesy of Standard Newspaper.

Wanjiku, whoever she actually is, will remain in line for handouts from thieving and lying politicians as the drama ends and starts all over again.

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