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President Court of Appeal Daniel Musinga sheds light on BBI's decision and obscures hope

 Thursday, September 2, 2021 - The Court of Appeals responded to a letter from pressure group Linda Katiba, requesting rectification of the BBI's final appeal decision made by the court on allegations that certain sections were in error.

 In its response, the Court, headed by Judge Daniel Musinga, noted that there were no errors in the final decision, so no need for corrections.

 According to Judge Musinga, the final decision was in accordance with the feelings of each judge, so there is nothing to be corrected as requested by the pressure group.

 "I have been instructed by Judge Musinga to inform you that there is no error in the Final Orders, and respectfully, no correction is necessary," reads a letter sent to the group of pressured by Lorraine Ogombe, the deputy clerk of the Court of Appeal. in part.

 Last week Linda Katiba; one of the parties who opposed BBI's petition to the Court of Appeal returned to court to seek review of the judgment, arguing that some parties are in error and favor the state.

 The lobby group, through one of its lawyers, Morara Omoke, argued that some sections of the final ruling presented to them did not match what the judges read in the ruling.

 The group gave an example on whether the proposed BBI referendum should be a main issue, or separate individual proposals, noting that it believed there was an error in the total count of judges who voted for and against the question.

 The group wanted the court to review and revise the decision in order to clarify and avoid any future appeals on the matter.

 The Court of Appeal's clarification clouded the hopes of President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM chief Raila Odinga to buy BBI reggae out of the Supreme Court, as they were relying on error to make a comeback.

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