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Orengo Proves His Articulacy of The Law as He Makes Impressive Submission During BBI Appeal Today

James Orengo has been known to be among the few Kenyans who have proven to be acquainted with the law with its fullness. This was proven today when he challenged the current Chief Justice in her ruling on time allocation during her opening statement.

Orengo making his submission

According to James Orengo who quotes some of the appeals that included those of India and Quatamala, Orengo challenged the bench not to consider time as a factor in their rush to make to make decision on the BBI. He stated that they had the whole time in their Disposal to argue their remarks at the court.

Orengo is representing one of the appellants seeking to revert the decision of the High Court and the court of appeal who dealt a huge blow to the hopes of reviving the BBI process. He is keen on ensuring that the Supreme Court makes another ruling that will breathe new life in the appeal.

Watch the live event here

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