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Paul Gicheru's ICC Case Takes New Twist As Gicheru Issues New Demands To The Court

Paul Gicheru's ICC case has continued taking fresh twists with new details arising. This happens as details reveal that Paul Gicheru has come to realize that the situation might not be easy in the court chamber. Paul Gicheru is trying all the best he can to ensure that he is not overpowered by his prosecutor.

Due to this, Paul Gicheru has asked for more time up to 3 months so as to interrogate the evidence availed before the court against him. Paul Gicheru's lawyer told judge Samba that considering the quantity of documents that are being given to the court, they can't take less than 3 months while interrogating the matter.

Karnavas said that they are being disadvantaged. He said less than 3 months is a short period considering the fact that he has been in the industry for over 40 years. This happens as the court plans to bring in a new witness if he cooperates well. This might increase them to 7 witnesses.

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